Another year has flown by and I’m back facing my laptop, reflecting on the last 12 months, trying to pen down the chaos that’s in my head.

Procrastination. My biggest vice besides sugar. And now the OCD side of me is fighting my mental block as 2015 ebbs away. I look around the house and there are piles of unfolded laundry; blue stickers all over my living room from my very own defects inspection of the grey walls I painted THREE YEARS ago; my study strewn with rolls of tulle because I am making tutus yet I don’t think I have enough colours; and the vacuum, blocking the passage because in the midst of cleaning I felt like blogging. What can I say, the heart wants what it wants.

Note to self for 2016.


Who wants to do boring stuff like laundry or ironing for that matter when time can be better off spent doing something creatively amazing? Like dressing up your dog with every opportunity just for laughs. I guess 12 months from now I will find myself here once again. With piles of laundry, a half-cleaned house….reminiscing.
2015, you’ve been good to me!




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