The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken

In a few more hours the future of our country will be unveiled. I am optimistic yet apprehensive. In a few more hours Malaysians will find out if the current regime reigns or will we be starting anew.

Today, everyday Malaysians are defending their votes and guarding their polling stations with pride like a mother hen protecting her chicks. Today, those everyday folks who usually turn a blind eye or keep their heads low have found their voices. What used to be mousy squeaks are now thunderous roars. And they refused to be silenced.

The taxi driver who usually tries to overcharge you is patrolling his polling grounds; the kopitiam aunty who usually watches her favourite soaps while tending to the cash register is now barking orders at phantom voters; the unpopular kid in school is capturing live footage and reporting them on social media; you and I are doing our part by making sure that the truth gets out there.

Everyday folks. Everyday Malaysians. Everyday heroes.

Whatever the results may be, at least we can stand tall with our heads high knowing that we tried. We gave it our best shot. And most importantly, we fought fair and whoever comes to power will face their biggest challenge yet- the rakyat.

The sleeping giant has awoken.


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