Do You Hear The People Sing?

INI KALILAH!505. Will it be the ending of a regime or the beginning of hope? No matter who wins the road to democracy is never-ending. There are always battles to be won and obstacles to overcome.

We all have a choice to vote for whoever we want but let me ask you this: Can you seriously vote for a party that OPENLY threatens and oppresses your own countrymen? A party that openly practices preferential treatment based on race? A party that emblazons the scale in equilibrium but ironically so imbalanced? Does that even make any sense to you?!!!

Or better yet, what does that say about YOU?

You say Lain Kali Lah! but for many of us this is it! INI KALI LAH! And if the tables were turned do know that I will fight for you. For I will fight for what is right. For what I know is right. I am after all a Malaysian too.

Today you and I may be battling on opposite sides of the fence but perhaps one day, we will be defending on the same side.

One day. And I hope that one day is soon.


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