Years ago when I was renting,
Along came a flatmate who was so charming;
She spoke of her country with such a passion,
My curiosity piqued- we started a discussion.
Of K-pop and dramas and We Got Married,
My favourite was Alex coz he was romantic!
With my poor Korean and her limited English,
She imparted this advice I’ll forever cherish.

 “There’s a magic word that girls should know,
To say to a guy not necessarily your beau;
It comes real handy when you are shopping,
Just say Oppaaaaa and do your haggling.”

After a year she went on her way,
Back to Korea for an indefinite stay;
Then a little bird told me a celeb’s down under,
Who else but Daniel Henney– none other!
I stalked him in the airport and on location,
Like the good fan I am I was no distraction;
Some autographs and photos before he had to flee,
“Oh Daniel Henney, take me with thee!”

Up to this day there’s no sign of abating,
This illness I call ‘hallyu-cinating’;
The stairs at Namsan captured on screen,
That kiss in Sam Soon with Sun Ah and Hyun Bin!
The scenes of Han River are always wonderful,
Except in that movie with the scary Gwoemul;
With dramas like Goong and Minami Shineyo,
Thank God I’m not crazy over Goo Joon Pyo.

Then comes the singing and all that gyrating,
Those wonderful boy bands that send hormones raging;
Who cares I’m a noona, age is just a number,
Jang Keun Suk and 2PM saranghae forever!
Some think I’m obsessed but truly I’m not,
Yeosu World Expo is the excuse I’ve got;
To convince my boss it’s not really a holiday,
I’m there for architecture by the way!


2 thoughts on “Hallyu-cinating

  1. A happy birthday dear Adelene Wee
    Who jokes a lot kalah series Glee
    May you have a wonderful day
    And be blessed a lot in this month of May!

    Kay, that’s as far as my pantun can go! I’m in class now..and super bored as you can see hehe! I wana go see daniel henney but he’s not here!!!!!!!

    Spreading the love all the way from Korea.
    -Farah Shamad. 2012

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