He’s My Pet (^_^)

Pardon my long hiatus but as unbelievable as it may sound, I think Jang Keun Suk is stalking me.

Go ahead, roll your eyes; laugh all you want but rest assured that I’ll be the one having the last laugh by the end of this post. Either way I must be the most shameless person in the world or it’s quite possible that this guy has a thing for me (I think it’s a bit of both)

But before I begin, here’s the low down on my stalker.

Name: Jang Keun Suk
Birthday: 4 Aug 1987
Nickname: Pscyho (See?? He even admits it!)
Nationality: South Korean
Occupation: Actor
Filmography: Mary Stayed Out All Night, You’re Beautiful, The Case of Itaewon Homicide, Beethoven Virus….You’re My Pet (coming soon!!)

And now, the top 10 evidence to prove my point.

You know what they say- birds of a feather, flock together? Or should I say fans of faux fur, flaunt together?

2007 New Year's Day

Spot the similarities? Beethoven Virus was aired in 2008

He seems to have a penchant for noonas and stated that he doesn’t mind dating someone 8 years older. I am 8 years older.


He’s the ambassador for the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology. Check out the theme song. We+Education, We+ Emotion= WEE. By the way, my surname is “Wee”.

Oh! WEE, we can make it my friend~
(yes, yes I know but long distance relationships are a pain)

Back in the day I used to party a lot just like he does these days with his Lounge H. Now I dance at weddings and sleep on MY lounge. At a recent wedding, someone said I’m like the energizer bunny; I just go on and on and on….and inadvertently he wants to be a rabbit. Are you sure not a pig rabbit Geun Suk ssi? Dweji tokki, dweji tokki. Check out 4:30

Dancing Queen & King!


Mong Mong!!

In Mary Stayed Out All Night he was constantly teasing Moon Geun Young’s character Wie Mae Ri by barking, “mong mong”. It literally means “woof woof” in English; which also happens to be my wrist tattoo since:
a) I love dogs
b) I was hallyu-cinating when I got it for my 30th (still am though)

Wie (Wee) Mae Ri? Oh c’mon! Why not Kim? Park? Yoon? Wie is such a rare Korean surname if you ask me.


Apart from being a dog lover just like yours truly, he named his dog Sophie Marcella Antoinette (affectionately known as Suni) Hang on a minute, Suni? He could have called her Sophie but no, and here’s the best part…one of my Chinese name is Suun. Suun(i) or Suni, they are both pronounced the same way 😛


Dude, now that you’ve started this wave of ponytail bun updos and perm around Asia the least you could do is give me some credit for initiating the trend.

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery ♥


A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is still a sigh, a scar is still a scar!

It might not have inspired J.K Rowling but one cannot deny that Exhibits #6, #7 and now #9 are more than mere coincidence. Although mine may not be as romantic as tumbling down the stairs during a piggyback ride as a child, a scar is still a scar- even if it was from chicken pox. Go watch MSOAN and you’ll understand.

He calls his fans “eels”. In Korean “jangeo” means “eel” which happens to be his favourite dish too. And now for the ultimate discovery……my initials A. WEE L.S!

Muahahahahah!!! Eat your heart out, ladies.


4 thoughts on “He’s My Pet (^_^)

  1. This is why I love you, Ads! We’re all gonna have a blast on our trip…it’ll truly be like long lost sisters meeting for the first time. Gotta get more sisters on board. ^_^

  2. Hey u forgot in exhibit #6 he purposely use the name wee Mae ri. Like in Malay, Wee mari! Ha ha ha. He had calling to u all the time! U just need to pay attention :p

    • Ya tak ya jugak!!! Didn’t think of that one. I’m glad I have your blessings, lol.
      Hey, he’s in Msia right now. Performing in KLCC in 5 mins!! Aahhhh…actually I can go but there’s the mortgage to think about n my mother is here. So here I am, comforting myself by syok sendiri-ing. Hancus!

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