Aaaahhh. Where do I even begin? After two marathon episodes and no Gil I was in the depths of despair! Finally our dashing young man graced the screen in Episode 3. Well, he sure took his time and I was getting impatient that she was spending far too much time with that stable hand but thankfully we all know how the story panned out. Phew.

I’m a diehard Anne of Green Gables fan. So much so I even made a trip to Prince Edward Island, dressed up like Anne in a tourist shop (with embarrassing photos), hashtagged all my Instagram PEI pics with #adsofgreengables, saw BOTH musicals (Anne & Gilbert and also AOGG– the former was my favourite because the actor that played Gilbert was perfect. His name is Alex Furber by the way) so finding the right Gilbert was super important. I wanted a guy who is her equal and as a minimum, at least looked the part!

Whilst I absolutely loved the original, I feel this adaptation delves further into her deepest fears and insecurities. Yes, we all know our favourite girl is always brave and confident but you don’t get to be all that without overcoming some difficulties. In a way some of the drama’s dark undertones kind of made sense- the social issues she encounters still exist today e.g.: bullying, sexism, trying to fit in, discrimination and more. It’s still early days to determine whether I would absolutely adore this version as much as the original. The creators did exercise some “creative license” which kind of threw me off for a bit in terms of narrative however, I absolutely love the intro credits. The artwork was whimsical and felt like we are inside Anne’s imagination.

Lucas is PERFECT as Gilbert. How so? Because I’m blogging about how swoon-worthy he is. And it’s not just because he has the right hair.¹ Okay, the hair played a part but he is also sweet and gallant. Bloody hell. He’s only 15. Do I feel guilty gushing over a 15 year old? Nope. Because he reminded me what it was like being 15 watching Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe.

And as far as I’m concerned, when I’m watching Anne, I am 15.

¹ The hair is a big deal because the author has seen various Gilberts with straight and super light brown hair. It’s meant to be CURLY BROWN HAIR (and I mean DARK BROWN) How can you get something so simple so wrong?



Another year has flown by and I’m back facing my laptop, reflecting on the last 12 months, trying to pen down the chaos that’s in my head.

Procrastination. My biggest vice besides sugar. And now the OCD side of me is fighting my mental block as 2015 ebbs away. I look around the house and there are piles of unfolded laundry; blue stickers all over my living room from my very own defects inspection of the grey walls I painted THREE YEARS ago; my study strewn with rolls of tulle because I am making tutus yet I don’t think I have enough colours; and the vacuum, blocking the passage because in the midst of cleaning I felt like blogging. What can I say, the heart wants what it wants.

Note to self for 2016.


Who wants to do boring stuff like laundry or ironing for that matter when time can be better off spent doing something creatively amazing? Like dressing up your dog with every opportunity just for laughs. I guess 12 months from now I will find myself here once again. With piles of laundry, a half-cleaned house….reminiscing.
2015, you’ve been good to me!



Now & Then

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” – L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

In a matter of hours, we will be welcoming the new year. With it comes new resolutions, hopes and expectations; a clean slate. How time flies.

During my schooling years, time was slow. Time was all about waiting- waiting to grow up; waiting for dad to pick me up from tuition; waiting for exam results….but in my 30s I often question myself, “Where did all the time go?” A good friend recently reminded that we will be in our 40s for Wawasan 2020¹. Yikes, that’s like the next age bracket in a survey. Even the Internet is cruel as you find your fingers working extra hard scrolling down to find your year of birth in an online form. The topic of conversation changes too as we discuss mortgages, families, kids these days AND gardening although sometimes in an attempt to cling to whatever is left of my youth I talk about Kpop, Kdramas and gush about pretty boys unashamedly.

I may have lost and wasted a lot of time but as I grow older I made time as well. I made time for myself, for people I cared about and things I am passionate about. Whilst I often look forward to a fresh tomorrow, I also hope to learn from the mistakes of yesterday.

2015. Please be kind.

Happy New Year, everyone. Live worthily.

¹ Wawasan 2020

The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken

In a few more hours the future of our country will be unveiled. I am optimistic yet apprehensive. In a few more hours Malaysians will find out if the current regime reigns or will we be starting anew.

Today, everyday Malaysians are defending their votes and guarding their polling stations with pride like a mother hen protecting her chicks. Today, those everyday folks who usually turn a blind eye or keep their heads low have found their voices. What used to be mousy squeaks are now thunderous roars. And they refused to be silenced.

The taxi driver who usually tries to overcharge you is patrolling his polling grounds; the kopitiam aunty who usually watches her favourite soaps while tending to the cash register is now barking orders at phantom voters; the unpopular kid in school is capturing live footage and reporting them on social media; you and I are doing our part by making sure that the truth gets out there.

Everyday folks. Everyday Malaysians. Everyday heroes.

Whatever the results may be, at least we can stand tall with our heads high knowing that we tried. We gave it our best shot. And most importantly, we fought fair and whoever comes to power will face their biggest challenge yet- the rakyat.

The sleeping giant has awoken.

Do You Hear The People Sing?

INI KALILAH!505. Will it be the ending of a regime or the beginning of hope? No matter who wins the road to democracy is never-ending. There are always battles to be won and obstacles to overcome.

We all have a choice to vote for whoever we want but let me ask you this: Can you seriously vote for a party that OPENLY threatens and oppresses your own countrymen? A party that openly practices preferential treatment based on race? A party that emblazons the scale in equilibrium but ironically so imbalanced? Does that even make any sense to you?!!!

Or better yet, what does that say about YOU?

You say Lain Kali Lah! but for many of us this is it! INI KALI LAH! And if the tables were turned do know that I will fight for you. For I will fight for what is right. For what I know is right. I am after all a Malaysian too.

Today you and I may be battling on opposite sides of the fence but perhaps one day, we will be defending on the same side.

One day. And I hope that one day is soon.